Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fingers, Pies and Everything in Between

For those who know me and have taken the time to click the link and have found themselves here wondering, 'What's that Lisa Kennedy up to now?!' (that's what you thought, eh?!), I thank you kindly for being curious enough to dedicate a pocket of your valuable social media scrolling time to moi. For those who don't know me, the people that do would tell you that 'I'm always up to something!'. Not in a devious, scheming sort of way of course, but more and more often, I find that when folks ask me what I'm up to in general day to day conversation, it always results in them remarking on how busy I am and the variety of 'pies I have my fingers in' as it were. Sometimes it can feel more like spinning plates than delighting in baked goods if I'm honest but all my life (all 33.5 years of it) I have felt and followed the urge to create. Dance, music, events....a mess (as my husband would add!) and it's always resulted in something. Big or small, appreciated or unnoticed, life changing or a fleeting pastime, whatever the outcome of this surge of creativity I'm never left feeling that it was a waste of my time. There's something, however small, to be gained from giving in to that instinct to make stuff. 

I think that's the reason why I have always migrated towards others who are also creative and find them the most easy to connect with. I admire those who are bold or brave enough to make something and then put it out in to the world for others to chew on. For a lot of creatives, the process is enough and the final piece of work is a bi-product, a souvenir of all the fun, frustration and fervour. Some bodies of work never see the light of day and are for the creator's sole (and soul!) enjoyment. For others, they send their 'new baby' in to the big bad world fully aware that they risk coming up against the Negative Nancys of the world but do so anyway, basking in the pride of what they have produced with their personal stamp firmly on it. 

I salute those who create and savour every aspect of the journey. They take the rough with the smooth and power through to make things of beauty that they and more often than not, others can enjoy and be inspired by. Inspiration is born out of life's ups and downs and that's where the beauty lies. A rap about the passing of a dear friend; street art celebrating a city's diverse culture; a dance piece about modern society's obsession with 'the perfect body'. Creatives make sense of and in turn, speak to the world around them through that which they create. It's when their world sits up, takes notice and changes in some way, shape or form for the better that they feel that 'spark'! 

It's my initial intention to showcase some of the most forward-thinking, fun-loving, talented creatives that I have the pleasure of knowing. In time I hope that in doing so I'll get to know more of these fine beings and be able to share their stories, wisdom and everything in between with you. 

Information is key. No man is an island. Whit's fur ye won't go by ye.....whatever your mantra, there's something to be gained from joining the army that is, The Braw and The Brave. 

Stay tuned. 

Love and Light, Lisa 

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