Monday, 9 January 2017

Will You #brawitbraveit?

Hey there 2017ers!

The Braw and The Brave NEED YOU...... to get CREATIVE! 

I want the blog and it's social media sites to be a place where EVERYONE can be creative so I introduce to you BRAW-IT BRAVE-IT- an invitation for you to SHARE YOUR CREATIVITY! 

A doodle on an electricity bill envelope; a photo of that really nice building you saw on your way to work; your first attempt at origami; a wee poem your wrote on a birthday card! Anything goes! The beauty of being creative is that you can do no wrong! I'm not looking for masterpieces....just having a go! 

If being creative/arty/'one of those folk that makes stuff' seems alien to you, why not be brave and give it a bash?! Taking time to lose yourself in creating something from scratch can be good for the mind and soul! Sharing this with others can open up a world of possibilities! 

Share your BRAW-IT BRAVE-ITs on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag 
#brawitbraveit and I'll be sure to share them with others to inspire conversation, appreciation & more creativity! 

Happy creating peeps!

Lis x

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